How it works

Shopology’s platform tracks & understands shopper behavior in store through a suite of mobile apps that enables observation and interviews.

Our reporting dashboard provides real-time & granular shopper data, empowering companies to initiate effective shopper marketing tactics and optimize ROI.

Apps for Data Collection

Position observer(s) in a selected retail store, and/or at your product aisle

Equip observers with mobile/tablet that has access to Shopology’s apps

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Capture Shopper/ Retail data and Real-time push to Shopology Cloud

Start observing the shoppers & capture their navigation in store or category interaction through the apps

Observer submits captured data to Shopology’s server via the apps in real-time

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Shopology's Analytics Platform

Our analytics plaform automates the large scale data analysis, by applying algorithms

Produce reports & scorecards instantly

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Deliver Real-time Reporting Dashboard

Client can quickly access the reports by logging into their personalized dashboards

Refresh the dashboard every few hours to get more insights on the spot, while shopper data is still being collected in store

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We provide shopper intelligence to some of Asia's leading international brands and retailers

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The Shopology platform has enabled us to capture in-store shopper behavior at a scale and price point like never before.
Kate Gibbon
Global General Manager Shopper & Retailer Insights